What’s In A Name: The Meaning of Kids & Main Playcare’s Name

Kids & Main Playcare Hello My Name Is

Kids & Main Playcare Hello My Name Is

We are frequently asked the meaning of Kids & Main Playcare’s name.  So, what’s in a name?


Think of ‘Kids & Main’ as an intersection of our two primary business philosophies.  First and foremost, we put children, or ‘kids’ in our care at the forefront of everything we do.  The health, safety and well-being of the children is our top priority, and every action taken and decision made at Kids & Main Playcare revolves around this idea.  We knew that whatever name we decided on had to begin with some variation of ‘child’ to accurately reflect the highest priority in our child care service.


Second, Kids & Main Playcare strives to be one of the pillar businesses in the community.  Drive down Main Street of any Small Town, USA, and you’ll find the businesses that are at the heart of the community.  They are the constants in a business landscape that is forever changing.  The owners know your name, know your children’s names and remember what was going on around town the day you were born.  You’re not a customer to these businesses, but family.  Kids & Main Playcare strives to be that “Main” Street business, built on a foundation of trust, where your family is our family.


Please stay tuned as we continue to update our website and prepare for our Fall 2017 GRAND OPENING!  We look forward to meeting you and your family!

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