Safety First at Kids & Main Playcare

Safety First at Kids & Main Playcare!
We take safety seriously at Kids & Main Playcare. After all, we’re caring for your most precious gifts. It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly – and an area in which we strive for continuous improvement.
Check out our multi-prong approach to keep our kids safe and secure at Kids & Main Playcare:

Secured Front Door

Our doors remain locked from the outside at all times, preventing walk-ins. An audio/visual doorbell alerts our staff that a parent or visitor is requesting entry into the facility.  Please ring the bell and give us  time to respond – remember, this mechanism is in place for the safety of our kids!

Secured Play Area

A wall and door separate our reception area from the Play Center, another physical safety mechanism.  The Play Center area is for kids and staff only. (Sorry parents!)  We do make an exception for escorted adults during tours, but try to schedule tours during our least busiest times.Safety First at Kids & Main Playcare!


Kids & Main Playcare has partnered with KidCheck as our check-in/check-out and attendance tracking solution. A label is attached to each child’s back at check-in that contains information like their name, parental contact information and allergies. The parent gets a receipt that contains a security code and watermark that matches the child’s label. This security code, and a valid form of identification, are required for pickup.  Parents and guardians should be prepared to show in addition to providing the security code.  Again, this 100% identification check is for the safety of the kids in our care!


We use wristbands in addition to the security badges as an additional visual reminder to check for allergies, special instructions and estimated pickup time.

Interior Security Monitoring

Kids & Main Playcare utilizes an interior camera system that captures the activities in the Play Center.

Staff requirements

Our staff members undergo a rigorous hiring process, including a background check and pre-employment drug screening. Staff members are also certified in CPR/First Aid and undergo additional child care training throughout the duration of their employment.
In conclusion, parents and guardians can rest assured that we have the safety and security of our kids in mind at all time at Kids & Main Playcare!
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