All pricing is subject to change without notice.

Annual Registration


All childcare families must complete enrollment forms and pay the annual registration fee.  The annual registration fee is good for a full 12 months and must be paid again on the anniversary of the initial registration date.

Click here to complete the enrollment process.



Drop-In Child Care

Kids & Main offers an hourly rate, perfect for families trying out our services for the first time, – as well as package pricing for a discounted rate.

Hourly Rates

Ages 6 months – 12 months  $12/hour

Ages 1 to 12 – $10/hour

Sibling Rate – $5/hour

Note:  Infants are not considered in the calculation of the sibling discount.



Package Pricing

Single Child

$90 for 10 hours                      $350 for 50 hours

$240 for 30 hours                    $600 for 100 hours


Multiple Child

$140 for 20 hours                                $550 for 1000 hours

$360 for 60 hours                                $1,000 for 200 hours

NOTE:  Children in the same family (excluding infants) share package hours.  Multiple child packages can only be used when multiple children check-in.  If checking in a single child, purchase a Single Child package or pay the standard hourly rate.


Infants (ages 6mo – 12mo)

$110 for 10 hours                                $300 for 30 hours

$450 for 50 hours                                $800 for 100 hours

Parents Night Out

Pizza & A Movie  (5pm-10pm, up to 4 hours) 

$25/1st child, $15/each additional child

Popcorn & PJs (7pm – 12am, up to 4 hours)

$35/1st child, $15/each additional child



School’s Out! Day Camps

Includes Summer, Winter & Spring Breaks

$160/week (first child); $85/week (sibling)

$60/day (first child); $35/day (sibling)



Birthday Parties

Do-It-Yourself Decorations – From $219

Custom/Themed – From $319



Mother Morning Out

Monday – Friday, 9am to 1pm

Ages 1-4

2 days per week – $150/month

1 days per week – $90/month

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