Summer Camp

A child completes an art project at Kids & Main Playcare.
A camper writes on the chalkboard wall at Kids & Main Playcare camp!
A chihld looks through a loolomg tube at Hudgens Museum during a Kids & Main Playcare camp.
Lunch on the steps of the art center at Kids & Main Playcare camp.
Kids learn about art at Kids & Main Playcare!
Kids at camp at Kids & Main Playcare!

Need child care this summer?  It's Summertime Fun at Kids & Main Playcare SUMMER CAMP!  Kids ages 5-12 will have a blast learning and exploring with the many activities and outings planned for SUMMER CAMP 2018.


Why SUMMER CAMP at Kids & Main Playcare?  We can think of 5 GREAT REASONS:


  1. PARENT APPROVED.  Everything we do must first pass our own 'mom' and 'dad' test!  From operations to activities and outings, you can rest assured they're kid-tested and parent-approved at Kids & Main Playcare.  After all, we're PARENTS first!
  2. VALUE ADDED. You get up to 11 hours of care Monday - Friday for one set price with Kids & Main Playcare.  Most activities are included in that price, and the annual registration fee is a low $8 per child.  You can't beat this deal!
  3. MATURE STAFF.  Ever dropped your kid off at camp and mistook a counselor for a camper?  At Kids & Main Playcare you won't have that worry.  Our staff members are mature, caring adults that have a love for children.  All staff members complete background checks, drug screenings, CPR/First Aid certification and State approved training in health and safety, abuse detection and prevention, transportation safety and more!
  4. CLEAN FACILITY.  We're sticklers for all things clean.  We require our equipment to be cleaned and sanitized daily.  The number one compliment parents give our facility is how CLEAN it is!
  5. FUN AND ADEVENTURE.  This is no ordinary camp - kids will be sure to love all of the fun and adventure we have lined up for them!  Don't have your kids cooped up in the gym all summer...let them out to explore all that the Atlanta Metro Area has to offer!



Week 1: Spy Camp - It's top secret training at Kids & Main Playcare.  Kids create invisible ink, secret decoders and more as they complete spy training and earn their official SPY BADGE.  Outings this week include trips to local parks for fresh air and exercise, the splash pad to cool down and a kid-friendly challenge at the Escape Room!

Week 2Construction, Construction - This week is all about building it big at Kids & Main Playcare.  Kids explore the work of construction and building gadgets that really work.  Outings this week include trips to the park for fresh air and movement, the splash pad to cool down, a baseball game, pizza at Stevie B's and the Aurora Children's Playhouse for Construction Junction!

Week 3Carnival Fun - We're hosting our very own carnival at Kids & Main Playcare.  Kids plan out their own carnival and watch it come to life!  This week's outings include the park for fresh air and movement, the Aurora Children's Playhouse for Galerie de Cirque, the splash pad for a cool down treat and the museum at Atlanta's Center for Puppetry Arts.*

Week 4Going Hollywood - It's a red carpet event at Kids & Main Playcare! Kids practice and produce their very own shows.  Outings this week include the park for fresh air and movement, the movie theater for inspiration, the splash pad for a quick cool down, bowling and a trip to Aurora Theater for How Shakespeare Won the West!

Week 5Fun & Fitness - There's nothing more important that fitness and fun at Kids & Main Playcare! Kids participate in various movement activities in the park, visit the library for story time, have a pizza party at Stevie B's and jump jump away at JumpStreet - Sugarloaf Mills.

Week 6 All Things Lego - It's Lego Madness at Kids & Main Playcare! Kids have a blast making creations big and small using Legos and their imaginations.   Outings this week include trips to the park for fresh air and movement, the splash pad to cool down and LEGOLAND Phipps Plaza!*

Week 7Art in the Park - Let the creativity shine at Kids & Main Playcare!  Kids have a blast painting and crafting in the fresh air of a local park.  Other outings include ABC Pottery Sugarloaf Mills, the splash pad to cool down and an in-house art class and pizza party!

Week 8Community Helpers - Come celebrate community helpers this week at Kids & Main Playcare!  Kids learn about the people in our community that make it a great place to live.  Outings include trips to a dentist office, fire station, the library, the park and the splash pad!

Week 9 GA Adventures - It's all about the great state of Georgia at Kids & Main Playcare! Kids learn about cool and interesting places located right here in our great state!  Trips to the park, library, splash pad and Shogun Japanese Steakhouse are planned, along with an all-day adventure at Stone Mountain Park!*

Week 10Animal Planet - It's the last week of summer camp and we're all about the animals!  Kids learn about creatures of the land and sea through arts and craft activities.  Outings this week include the park, library, splash pad, Atlanta Zoo and Georgia Aquarium!*



Summer camp begins at 8 am with drop off as early as 7 am upon request and pre-payment of camp fees.  Field trip times will be communicated to parents on the day of the outing and campers should return no later than 3 pm.  Camp ends at 6 pm each day.



Camp fees are $150/week for the first child and $125/week for each additional child in the same family.  Lunch and snacks are included in the camp fee, but feel free to pack a lunch from home (no nut products please).


Some weeks require a separate activity fee.  Those weeks are marked with a * above and the activity fee has been added to the weekly or daily rate accordingly.


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I understand I must also register my child(ren) for services at if I have not already done so and pay the annual registration fee for each child.  I understand I will not be allowed to leave my child at Kids & Main Playcare for summer camp without completing this registration step.  If you are already registered for services, please select Already Registered from the drop-down menu below. *